Dear photographers,

Welcome on italy4.me!

If you are interested in publishing some articles on italy4.me about wedding or engagement photosessions you shooted we could offer you this oppotunity.

Our web site is not commercial and there is no advertisement. Every information we write is free so our readers like and confide in italy4.me. But we have some rules for each article.

Your photo should be great qualitty from a real wedding or engagement photosession.

MINIMAL size of the text is 4000 letters, PREFERABLE size is 5000-6000 letters, maximal size in NOT LIMITED. Please also write something about yourself for our readers to know more about native Italian photographers.

There are some more questions we are interested in:

  • How did you know the couple? 
  • What is your personal impression of the photosession with the loving couple? 
  • In what location the photosession was taken? 
  • In what time and why  exactly this time was chosen? 
  • Which special and beautiful places you visited during the photo session?
  •  Some history and interesting facts about the places and attractions for our readers;
  • Some interested facts and funny or unexpected moments happened? 
  •  You can also write about decoration, bridesmaids, groomsmen, children and details.

GOOD EXAMPLE of  wedding  article you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

Article Images


1. Your uploaded image filenames are not important. They will be renamed for SEO purposes.

2. Please make sure all files fit within a «canvas» size of 960 PIXELS WIDE ONLY!!! Whenever possible, combine two VERTICAL images side by side onto one 960 pixel widht image.

3. You must submit between 10 and 25 images. Submissions with less than 10 or more than 25 images will be rejected.

5. Suggestion: You can put your logo/name on your images, but please not very BIG but readable.

Of course in each article you send we will put a DIRECT LINK to your personal web site. It will help our readers to find the best Italian photographers and you to find potential clients.

Your article could be in Italian or English, we will translate it to Russian and adapt for Russian-speaking readers.

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